Dan has done over 325 keynotes to groups as large as 6,500 and as small as 50.  Phone or email for availability, honorarium, and references.  He typically responds within 24 hours.

The Tinman Syndrome: Physician Burnout and Resilience

Ideal for health professionals, this interactive and engaging talk uses case studies, data, and personal planning to address front line burnout.    (1 hour, uses slides and questionnaires)

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Chemotherapy

(*** 80% standing ovation rate! ***)

Ideal for health professionals or groups of patients, this talk has been described as laugh out loud funny and moving --  Akin to a one act play, the talk emphasize the importance of connecting to others and hope in the face of challenging regimen -- but these messages are imbedded in first person stories that appreciate the complexity of front line medicine.   (30 minutes - 1 hour, depending on host preferences)  no slides.

A video sample:

And in Health: A Seriously Funny Look at Coping as Couple with Cancer

Using examples from his clinical experience and research from his book, Shapiro describes the traps some couples facing illness fall into, and methods for maintaining a thriving relationship.  (45 minutes - 1 hour) talk includes slides.

Tips:  Dan moves around, a portable, wireless microphone is ideal.  Having an AV person present, or, at minimum, a back-up microphone, is a good idea.  Speaking while people are serving meals is possible but can detract from the impact of the talks.   Book signings are available (books sold at a reduced rate).   The closer the audience are seated to one another, the funnier the talk will be.  

Purposeful, compassoinate, accountability

Holding employees accountable can be challenging.  Dr. Shapiro provides a structure for having critical conversations with the goal of bringing staff back to the organization’s central values.  

drdanshaps@gmail.com     717-531-8779