Burnout Consulting

Dr. Shapiro, a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience treating and working with physicians and executives, has a botique consulting firm in which he works with hospitals, clinics, and physician groups to assess and ameliorate physician and APC burnout.  

Using validated brief instruments, Dr. Shapiro will assess 1) Burnout, 2) Physician engagement, 3)  Intent to leave, 4) Work life balance, 5) Work environment and provide leadership with a report outlining areas of the organization that have excellent wellness and those that are struggling including recommendations for practice changes and lifestyle assistance for specific groups of physicians.  Contact him for more information. 

In 2003 Shapiro published a landmark exploration of a physician’s descent into burnout (Delivering Doctor Amelia, Random House).  He’s also written for the New York Times and spoken on N.P.R’s Talk of the Nation about issues related to physician resilience and wellness.  

drdanshaps@gmail.com     717-531-8779