1)  Objectives: A Funny Thing Happened on my way to Chemotherapy

Participants will be able to describe subtle factors supporting health professional’s impact on patient’s quality of life

Relevant content will have this theme:                                                                   

Burnout stems from many factors.  One important factor is a sense of overwhelming hopelessness that is frequently caused by overemphasizing failures and underestimating the impact of day to day care.  Using real life examples, the impact of small but powerful interventions on patient lives is illustrated.

 Questions for consideration:

 What is the impact of minor day to day interventions in patient’s lives?


2)  Objective:

Participants will be able to use a real life example when recommending continued treatments for appropriate patients who’ve suffered multiple relapses.

Relevant content will have this theme:


Maintaining hope in the face of relapse is a controversial issue for many caregivers.  On one hand, a desire to protect patients from developing false hope is warranted.  On the other, a fraction of patients do survive multiple relapses.   Participants will have a first hand view of the patient’s perspective in the face of multiple relapses.


Questions for consideration:

What is the patient perspective on multiple relapses?


3)  Objective:

Participants will be able to demonstrate the importance of exploring fertility issues with patients of reproductive age

Relevant content will have this theme:

As reproductive technologies become more sophisticated, and survival rates for adults with malignancies continue to improve, long term quality of life issues such as fertility must become part of standard care.  Using real life examples, this point is illustrated.

 Questions for consideration:

 After fear of relapse, fertility issues are the second most important issue to cancer survivors.  How do fertility issues impact patient’s lives?


Teaching Methods for All Objectives:

Emotionally evocative stories that illustrate themes in each objective will be used.   Data suggests that information conveyed in this manner is retained longer and more accurately.

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