Burnout and Wellness Consulting

We partner with leadership of heatlhcare organizations including hospital systems, clinics, and private practices to reduce burnout and improve wellness and can accomodate projects focusing on any health worker subgroup.  In addition to thoroughly analyzing and addressing factors that have impacted wellness, we are also assessing the impact of COVID on health care workers and can provide detailed plans to mitigate the impact.  

Our Guiding Principle:

Physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and other health care workers are motivated by a desire to deliver excellent care for their patients while, at minimum, not paying an overwhelming personal price, and optimally, feeling connected, experiencing joy during practice, and contributing at their fullest ability for their patients and the field.

Burnout: Burnout is a euphemism for erosion of executive function and wellness resulting in poorer safety, higher turnover, poorer patient satisfaction, poorer productivity and worsened mental and physical health.

Interventions that improve the work and practice environment reduce burnout rates and downstream sequelae.

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